Who was the first to reach the Earth’s geographic poles?

It is notorious that dogs are man’s most reliable and faithful friends, and also that the dogs are friends at risk. They carry wounded soldiers from the battlefield; find people get caught under avalanche, rescue drowning men. It is impossible to enumerate all their feasible deeds. But it is worth to mention one more point. At the beginning of the twentieth century the dog teams of Frederick Cook, an American explorer, and Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, had become the first to reach the North and the South Poles of the Earth correspondingly.

Husky – Stars of the Program

Dmitry and Matvey Shparo, famous polar explorers, invite you to get acquainted with people’s kind helpmates, laborious and cheerful dogs: Husky and Chukchi sled dog. These strong and shagged dogs are incapable to be aggressive towards a man. They will meet you at the Husky Park as if they have been waiting for you all their life. Their blue or amber-colored eyes are miraculous and magnetic.

Immersion in the mysterious World of Adventure

Do you want to become a traveler and a discoverer? Come and take part in the quest game, indulge in the world of joyous adventures. We will acquaint you with traditions and legends of the Indigenous People of the North, and what is more – you will make friends with Husky. Do you like outdoor activities? You can go for a kart ride, or ride a bicycle – our dogs will drive you quick as the wind along twisting pathways. In winter you can go for a ride on a dog-drawn sledge. You are welcome to come with your friends and family.


Great Adventure with Husky

One Hour Excursion
400 / 500 rubles

In Search of Unknown Land

Two Hours Adventure. Groups of 5-15 kids. By appointment.
1000/1200 rubles.

Additional services


Optional tour. By appointment.
600 rubles


Optional Tour
500 rubles.

Photo Session with Husky

By appointment only.
From 1000 rubles.

Please, get acquainted – our pets


Attractive blue-eyed blonde, quite aware of its charm and likes to flash around atop the cabin, striking majestic poses. Some time ago it was very quick and strong, was the leader of a dog-team, took part in competitions. Now it has matured and changed the youthful zest to wisdom and staidness.


This dog is notable for its shaggy hairs and extremely well-disposed towards its congeners. It takes much care about its paws. Freedom-loving. When you let it off the leash it starts to fuss over as a wind, but in the harness it is not very diligent.


It has the most beautiful eyes with enormous iris. It is incredibly kind, flossy, favorite of little children. It is inclined to be lazy as his congeners of the breed Chukchi sled dogs. It often is in melancholic mood. It does not run very quickly in harness but is rather hardy.


His parents are not very big and Bucephalus did not grow up to a sturdy dog. But deep inside it is a hero-knight. It is touchy and lacks sense of humor. Responds roughly to any side-glance of its congeners. It is good that other male dogs treat him indulgently as a puppy and forgive it for many things. Bucephalus is a hot horse in the harness! It works sporty, recklessly, with all its strength, and in spite of short legs it can endure the rate of large dogs.


Brunette with eyes of different color: blue and brown. One theory is that her full name is Gutalin (shoe polish), as it was born very black, but the end of the word – “lin” was lost. Gutta is very curious, and when she is running in harness with sledges, it tries to examine and to sniff everything around. If you put it the first in a dog-team you will surely get stuck at the nearest stump.


Not tall, sturdy dog, usually it works in the harness near a sledge, where it can demonstrate all its vigor. Kai does not like fighting. If there is a bully near him Kai begins to panic and to growl at the aggressor as a warning. This hampers the work and therefore dog team drivers, so gathering a dog-team, drivers usually surround Kai with harmless youth. The dog is not nervous and runs with pleasure in such a company.


This is a Chukchi sled dog but it does not consider itself to be a sled dog at all. Sometimes when it is harnessed the genes take their course and it starts to run rather quickly but then it recollects: “I am not a sled dog!” and it plumps down onto the buttock. But what a charming dog it is! When waiting for feed or caress Frodo falls down to his front legs and makes such a funny face that becomes the nicest dog in the world. Children just adore it and it adores children.


The daughter of the dog’s leader from the Youth Camp Great Adventure in Karelia. In appearance Eurydice is the exact copy of its crowned father, but it has quite a different character – without leadership ambitions. Eurydice – a tiny, playful, friendly, white and bushy dog. This light-minded lady prefers to run around free as a bird in the forests and fields instead of working; needless to say – a princess!


A sister of Chocolate and Bucephalus. Its name translated from Japanese means “good luck” and also – “snow”. Snow-white, with tiny spots. It is small and charming as its sister. It is a bit more serious (than its sister), but certainly (it) is also eager to play and to fool around.


A sister of Bucephalus. Red Husky, the size of a big, thick cat. Incredibly full of energy. Funny. When it is making pirouettes on its box with serious and even fierce expression on its muzzle, all children scream with laughter and it is impossible to take them away. Even a small child can handle Chocolate during a walk as its tiny height and featherweight are a big plus in this case.


Odd-eyed blonde. Calm and quick-witted. Not prone to conflict, if it picks a fight it is only up to puppyish naughtiness. It likes to catch snowflakes by its tongue and tumble in snow drifts. May be it tries to rub out its tiny spots while doing so?


Stesha is a real dream! Excellent team player, always and in every way it will support its mate: in games, in work, in choir singing. Just try to sing a song next to it – and the duet is guaranteed. Stesha often likes to work as a photo model, with wildness in her eyes it represents a she-wolf and this is its favorite part.


The son of Kai. Chukchi sled dog. Stately, spindle-legged with eyes-cherries. The dog is calm and pacific. It has only one most bitter enemy – the husky by name Potemkin, living in Karelia. Clyde is on friendly terms with its father, they stand together in the harness. They both especially manifest themselves in the trip with heavy loads and long distances, where the speed is not so important, but where there is need for patience, endurance and strength.


Chukchi sled dog. Mild-tempered and affectionate! Bonny waits for attention and is thankful for it as no other dog could be! Its appearance is not too snazzy and children often pass by in hurry to other more attractive huskies. Then Bonny gets on its hind legs, stretching her forelegs to people, and there appears despair in her eyes, if all these efforts are in vain. As if it is left alone forever.


Odd-eyed blonde. Calm and quick-witted. Not prone to conflict, if it picks a fight it is only up to puppyish naughtiness. It likes to catch snowflakes by its tongue and tumble in snow drifts. May be it tries to rub out its tiny spots while doing so?


Direct contrary to Chester. Its second name is Calmness. Wise beyond years, from childhood it runs at the head of the dog team. It is not so simple to move away from him: it requires attention, trying to grasp by a sleeve: “Please, wait a little….”. It adores people, but does not like his neighbors in the open-air cage, it growls threateningly but does not pick a fight.


This doggess is tall and stately, in a rich grey coat with dark, sad eyes. It would be marked at the Beauty contest. Due to its age it works in harness not very often, but at short distances it can win any young dog. It attracts attention by its loud barking and howling.


A real scamp. Its plan for each day includes: to fight, to get dirty in a mud, and to run, run, run…. And certainly – to eat! Waiting for feed, Chester taps a rhythm on imaginary drums. Jumping, it can reach with its tongue a nose of the highest person; its dark blue eyes with black encircling can hypnotize anybody. Sportsman, musician and good-looker.


Dark-blue eyes encircled by black. Eye-lashes are white. That’s what this Miss dog is. The character is rather complex – it is unceasingly arguing and sorting things out. Races in harness are a real price to her! Snow fall, wind, low temperatures - all these things are real pleasure to her; winter is Zhuzha’s time.


Classic husky of wolfish color. Calm, easygoing dog. You can talk to it and to amuse yourself: have a roll in a snow drift, a walk in the forest both in summer and in winter. It votes for any fantastic ideas with all her four paws!


In the open air cage this dog can be recognized by its broken ear (suffered in a battle) and by hysteric barking. Silence annoys it. Lyuk is indignant, complaining and demanding its rights. Quiet life is not for Lyuk. It likes hectic atmosphere and adventures.

Questions and answers

Is it true that Huskies do not bite and attack a man?

Huskies are the most kind and nice animals. They absolutely lack aggression towards a man. At the genetic level they have in their characters the need to protect people and to guard them. But still they remain dogs and therefore you should not tease and frighten them.

How to be dressed up?

The Park is located in the Forest area. All programs are organized outdoors. Our friends are very kind and like to embrace with our guests. That’s why you need to dress according to the weather not to feel cold and not to be afraid to get your clothes dirty!

How does everything go on?

Please, book the attendance to our Park, come and visit us. Our instructors will organize an interesting tour around the Park; acquaint you with all its inhabitants. After the excursion you can purchase additional services – a tour with a dog, and in winter time you can ride with a dog team.

How to pay for a ticket?

You can pay for your ticket at the web-site after booking the program. You can also pay for your ticket at our cash desk. The payment at our cash desk is cash only.

Our Clients Reviews


It was pretty much like in Greenland, except for we don't have trees in Greenland. But otherwise, it was absolutely perfect: beautiful strong dogs, very knowledgeable mushers, fantastic food in the Arctic Tent. So, from now on, when my friends in Russia ask me how does it feel to drive dogs in Greenland, I tell them: if you can't visit us right away, go and try dog-sledding in Husky Park Sokolniki in Moscow. You will never forget this experience – I promise!


My son loves dogs, so naturally we went so he can see them up close and reduce his nerves around them. He and I walked around to each of the dog houses and pet all the dogs and chose one to walk in the forest. The place has fresh air, it's in the middle of a large forest. We learned about dog sleds and how to camp in the north. We will go back in the near future.

Anna H., Poland

Today I visited Haski park in Sokolniki forest. It was one of my must-see points in Moscow because I adore dogs so much I couldn’t spend a weekend without them.
I had a very enjoyable time in the park. The best thing was to pet all the furry friends as much as I want. Also, the excursion was really interesting! Nice girls, who work in the park, provided me with all the information about their pets. Despite the bad weather, I felt warm and delighted during my visit.
Can’t wait my winter trip to take a ride with the doggies!


Its very lovely place.
There are many dogs you can hug, pet, make the pics.
We also took dog trekking. It was awesome. We had the dog with name Shoka. She is very funny, was interested in small birds.
Wish we can back here in the winter and have sled dog ride.

Best wishes!


About Husky Park

The Husky Park is one of the grounds of the Net of the Youth Tourist Camps “Great Adventure” of Dmitry Shparo.

As a matter of fact the affectionate huskies have arrived from the Youth Camp Great Adventure in Karelia, founded 20 years ago.

The Youth Camps of Dmitry Shparo are located: in Karelia, in the mountains of Krasnodar Krai, and in the vicinity of Moscow. Under challenging nature conditions young participants plunge into the planned non-hazardous real adventure. We try to teach our participants to rest advantageously, and to be self-sufficient.

Thus we invite the guests of the Husky Park in our Youth Camps Great Adventure. At first you are welcome to visit our website:

Is your child dreaming of a dog?

Please, come and spend time outdoors, associating with our fascinating pets!